Sunday, June 13, 2010

School Kills creativity

This speech transfered me 14 years back when i was in 6th class... Drawing which was optional subject other one was "electricity"... i don't know what went through principal's mind he moved us to electricity and abolished drawing from school... and i still remember golden words of electricity teacher "This subject is worth more than drawing, electricity students always reach to the top and win good positions in board and even jobs if they cannot continue studies after 10th class" 
Now (2010) my little bro seats in a class dedicated to below average students! and he never thought about studying because his whole class thinks same, i.e my friends failed and so do i, everything is fine... What a strategy to motivate students. Glad to see nothing is changed, managements are still dumb! 
Management of Schools, University and College are just few dedicated to profit people who have nothing to do with better society they just create brain washed robots not a free human being, may be because of extremely unjust economic system in which people are tied. 

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  1. amazing! i ws just thinkin on the same lines a few days back..