Saturday, August 22, 2009

Milky Way spotted in Pakistan

Hi folks ! during my visit to northern areas of Pakistan, i spotted Milky Way. It was a breathtaking view. Like billions of stars worshiping planet earth. People who don't know what Milky Way is, well it is cluster of planets and stars billions of them. Our planet earth is located in it. It appears like hazy substance on night sky. In urdu it is called "Kehkashan". These were shot using Canon Digital SLR camera and 17-40L, 100mm lens.
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Long Exposure of stars in milky way make them appear like trails

Milky way appears like a dust in night

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  1. out of this world .. this is mesmerizing .. loved every bit of it

  2. Wow
    Lucky you......
    Was it towards north ?

  3. wow that,s great its really out of this world