Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good News and the bad news from Kaghan Valley!

I spent a day in Kaghan valley last week, away from heated Islamabad in order to relax it is so peaceful and so quiet there. That day i decided to walk up to the village, i came across ordinary village life: farmers working in fields, nomads looking after their herds and ladies working in their homes. After walking sometime i came across a beautiful house which belonged to some political leader or shah of kaghan. Walking little further lead me to a building which seemed to be ruins of some house, i approched it and discovered life in there. Surprisingly, it was building of school and kids were busy learning their lesson. There were approximately 40 kids sitting under those walls. Sadly, this building can claim lives of these innocent children anytime while politicians sit back and relax and NGOs enjoy their lavish new rides.

Good news: Kids are still willing to learn.