Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why i watermark my PHOTOS ?

What a great picture what a stupid watermark

Hello readers, admirerers, viewers, crtics, and theives. Yes that is true theives are everywhere. I get numerous emails about the new stupid looking watermarks that i have introduced on my photos personally i also don't like them but i am learning to live with them.

As television and advertising industries are growing in Pakistan like hell, they have become one of the most profitable business in Pakistan. But in same time they are not following ethics they don't show mercy stealing photos from internet. This has been observed incase of Geo, Ary, Vibe and Warid yes top business tycoons in Pakistan are stealing images for their advertisment and promos not to mention small advertising agencies here.

So to avoid any photo theft i have to watermark and downsize my photos this might be the reason i am bit safe from thieves to my knowledge.

I hope regulating authorities protect artists like me from thieves. Once a picture gets stolen and used in adverts or promo it becomes useless asset of the artist, he cannot sale it to anyone as corporates or companies require unpublished photos for their themes. If artist don't sale his work he cannot expand in terms of equipment, creativity and of course he cannot earn his livings from the art ultimately artist has to leave the art even he don't want to do so. This might be one of the reasons of downfall of art from Pakistan. Despite of making profit it is shame big companies exploit right of artist.

So kindly reject such theives in interest of arts in Pakistan.

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  1. sadly your art will only be protected when youre dead... unless of coarse you are stealing from someone too... in which case youre on your way up buddy