Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be part of History

Hello viewers I am seriously thinking to make a history.

Think about times 500 years ago soon future will turn into past we all will die century over century will pass. All that will be left are memories which we will leave behind. How we can preserve these memories? Yes by taking a pictures and save them online somewhere like I do at SmugMug.What I am going to do requires your help! It is huge lifelong project that will start from Pakistan. I am planning to document whole city after city in ultra high resolution pictures that will be uploaded to my website and few other places to make sure secure storage for coming centuries. Picture will be accessible by general public for viewing.

Just imagine people looking at centuries old photographs! What feeling they will get and what contribution to history it would be. And of course you and I will be the people behind the effort.

For this I am looking for good Sponsor(s) even individual help is accepted.Contact me in following ways

+92 3455400315

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  1. Best of luck Awais, just let me know if I could be of any help.