Saturday, March 22, 2014

Think Tank CityWalker 10

Think Tank CityWalker 10
My new solution to carry essential everyday photo gear: Canon 5D Mark 2, 17-40L 50mm 1.8 and flash along with other useful accessories. It replaces my Crumpler Pretty Boy which was smaller but i still like it. 

Unlike traditional camera bags which i have seen, this one has very clean feel. Sound silencer is very innovative feature which is new to me. Remove ICU to convert it into regular shoulder bag. Nice smooth zippers and fine fabric, it comes with rain cover and strap has sturdy feel. 

Wish: gear was little more secure from top when locked, very light fabric covers it from top and there is nothing between, so if i press at top with slightest force i can feel camera buttons. 

Overall i liked it and it will serve me very well with my everyday photo walks, top quality materials great practicality (for my use) and i can understand Photographers built this bag.

I am trying to figure out what will i carry in it if am not bringing my camera

Use it to silence scratching velcro sound very helpful in silent venues

With Internal camera unit Phottix Mitros and 5dmk2. hight of ICU is same as mitros

tablet pocket

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