Saturday, November 21, 2009

Loving my Feisol Carbon Fiber Tripod

Carrying heavy stuff is always problem with me, as i am mostly on my feet. After days of searching and reading online i made my mind to go CF for its light weight and durability, but the price was way to high. I found Feisol CT-3401 and center column exactly what i need.

Okay, everything looks great on paper, but this tripod exceeded my expectations. I currently don't have any head to use with this tripod, i tested weight handling abilities of this tripod by attaching 10 Kg (tripod is 9kg rated) exercise dumbbell to the provided hook under the center column (fully extended) and it was no problem for this tripod. Even center column is very sturdy at full extention and did not slip under heavy load.

I have never used or seen CF tripod by other manufacturers but i heard Feisol is comparable to expensive Gitzo tripods. And it is much better than aluminium tripods with remarkable light weight and durability. Now i am familiar with Feisol, i think my ball head will be non other than Feisol ! but i need to save money for that.... I believe Feisol need little improvement in branding and online content.

Field Test
Yesterday i went to trip in mountains and i realized is advantage of light weight tripod ! it was amazing i felt very much comfortable carrying it and setting it. All three legs are padded

Overall i am very much pleased with this purchase. I was annoyed using flimsy tripod that once broke in the middle of field, so i decided to save more for better and promising tripod.

  • Reasonable Price CF tripod
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Sturdy even at full hight (64" with center column extended)
  • Comes with very nice tripod Bag
  • All advantages of Carbon Fiber over Aluminium
  • Includes all accessories required to setup the tripod
  • Have to really tight twist locks to avoid slipping legs when extended, especially under high pressure. But once they are fully tight they don't slip.
  • Camera bag is great but zipper is flimsy
  • I wish Feisol included setup guide
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  1. Photos aren't showing up. :(

    - ab

  2. Okay, now we're cookin'! Looks good. And that's one heck of a beard you got going on there! :D My girlfriend hates it when I point out a good beard. Maybe I'm weird. Cheers!

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