Monday, July 30, 2012

Neelum Valley Kashmir

I made a quick trip to Kashmir's Neelum valley. Kashmir is disputed region between India and Pakistan, only Pakistani nationals with ID can enter the region. However, other nationals need permission prior to arrival. Neelum valley is beautiful valley streching 140km along with Neelum river, valley runs parrallel to Kaghan valley, curvey road often comes across indian boarder areas, during bad days it is impossible to travel on this road.
We were able to travel till Taobat, which is last village of Neelum valley and the end of the road. From Taobat, adventure seekers and nomads continue on feet to enter glorious Gilgit Baltistan Region.  
Narrow and bumpy road passes through forests enriched with Cedar Deodar trees and beautiful villages with amazing Kashmir style wooden houses, maize fields surround these villages. Each village has its own hydral electricity plant built on small waterfalls, just enough to light up around 50 houses. Ancient Budhist University is located at Sharda which suggest deep connection of region with rich historic background.

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