Monday, September 5, 2011

Intellectual Property Violation by Hashoo Group / Marriott hotel Islamabad

Ramadan is considered month of blessings, when people are close to God but unfortunately Hashoo group was upto something else! Totally disgraceful act of stealing image from my collection and use in Ramadan (2011) advertising campaigns of Marriott Hotel Islamabad, without payment or permission. But real tragedy is that non of the managers have touched Intellectual Property lessons ever. Lets see how they respond to request of payment. Hashoo group is one of the LARGEST Business groups in Pakistan.

Just look at list of sponsors, sad such a big business name is upto dirt cheap things! This also justifies use of dirty big watermarks on photos, viewers are complaining about.


  1. this is terrible, Awais. A friend of mine caught the manager of a well known rock star pocketing her memory card during a shoot she was doing for said musician. The musician was ticked when he found out what had been done and paid her more than she billed. Unbelievable! Why is it that those who can most afford it, try to get away without honestly paying for the work.

  2. actually, this mobile camera age has done this, every one can have great images with their mobile, but less people believe those photos to be of them... so they add watermark and post them freely anywhere

  3. did you ever pursue them? what became of it? Try writing to someone up in the hierarchy..