Monday, August 23, 2010

Shame on QTV ARY

Well i would have used harsh words but the name of channel don't permit to do that. QTV or Quran TV stole one of my pictures for promos of their show aired during Sehri "Bazm-e-Sehar"

It is even shameful because QTV is part of largest media networks in Pakistan ARY, i am surprised they are spreading message of Islam by doing this silly stuff, this is not 1st time artist usually are found complaining about this sick attitude of media channels and newspapers in Pakistan.

Here is original

Now people should know why i heavily watermark my photos. Unfortunately i shot this picture few years back and uploaded this one without watermark.


  1. I know this image Awais bhai, and if you rememebr i asked your once that i want to use this image with my daughter's picture for making an Eid card for my online friends.

    I hope you remember, here is the image which i made.

    Same as AAJ TV Used my daughter's photo on Mother's Day (2 years back) at their website and tv promos.

    We must take action for such cases in future.

  2. You know you're getting noticed when the largest media company in your country steals from you....