Friday, March 26, 2010

Canon EOS 7D 1st impression

Few weeks ago my only camera Canon EOS 400D died after serving me good 3 years. Image quality of this little machine was remarkable and i printed large prints and shot a lot professional assignments with it. You can see results on my website

Few things i really missed in Rebel were: large viewfinder, focusing points, grip, focusing accuracy. As i was out of budget i had to buy 400D and drop canon 30D. I was waiting for 60D as i thought it will be a great balance between 7D and 550D, but my camera died, and there was no rumor of 60D release in near future.

I made mind for Canon 7D after reading lots of reviews and user opinions and ordered it. After receiving it and taking it out of pack, i was impressed by body, 1st camera that don't feel flimsy from any side. Solid built excellent feel in hands, though it is heavy body (800g) but canon managed to make it feel light weight, thanks to its excellent handling.

Shooting performance: after charging battery i played with it (without reading manual) and clicked many shots using Canon 17-40L and 100mm macro 2.8 (non IS). With 17-40L focusing was no issue for this beast, surprisingly it even performed very well combined with 100mm macro lens. This camera can auto focus at 1:1 accurately and it improves when Spot AF is used.

High ISO photos, i was using it under normal day lights inside room, and left ISO to A (auto) while shutter speed and aperture were fixed. Camera was choosing ISO between 1600 and 3200 to properly expose photos (good metering too). All came out very nice and seems excellent for normal usage and small prints (though i need to do formal testing).

What i liked about 7D
Everything ! i hope i will have full frame dslr like this some day, if you are looking to upgrade from rebel series then 7D worth every single penny. Its blazing speed has encouraged me to go out and shoot sports and action too.

Will post results soon


  1. Nice one. Its a very good camera and very good upgrade as well. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. The Price are tooooooooooooo High bhai jee

    Price: Rs 164990