Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Agony of Rohtas Fort, fort screaming for help

On my visit to Rohtas fort which is located near jehlum and roughly 2 hours drive from Islamabad via GT road, i was shocked and surprised when i reached there.

We were welcomed by government officials right at the entrance of fort, there was government office with beautiful garden in front of it and security too. 1st of all photography was banned as usual for people who look serious (no idea why) anyways we assured them we are not Journalists or Media guys just amateurs and tourists, who want to record their travels, to showoff . And we were allowed to take photos of Fort, heck there were some foreigners who had no issues taking cameras inside the fort, why on earth all restrictions are for Pakistanis in Pakistan.

When we entered the main compound it was shocking surprise, there was no maintainance of Sher Shah Suri's creation (toilets were in good condition), most of the parts of fort are dead and resting in peace. It seems like our Archeology department has done nothing to protect our heritage. The fort was built by Sher Shah Suri for his Army, it was master piece of Muslim Architecture, but now it is grave yard of Muslim ignorance, standing on its own and waiting for help.

Surprisingly Multinational companies have used this fort in their advertisements but they are doing nothing to protect these wonderful monuments, i cannot criticize government/leaders as i have no hopes from them. No clue about why these monuments are ignored and not converted into topnotch tourist attractions.

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