Monday, April 6, 2009

Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Macro

Well today after long wait i got it. Ordered from total cost to me was 57,000 Pakistani Rupees or 712$ it is a cheap lens but due to non availability at dreaded Pakistan's official Canon dealer MBM i had to order from USA and all such imports are subject to import duty and taxes .

Intitial expression about lens is good i love sharpness of this lens. I hope focus speed was little fast but it is not too slow either. If you are L edict you will notice difference in operations of the lens they are not bad but L is tooo goood.

Here are two Portraits shot with This lens Shot wide open and converted to JPG from CR2 in DPP default settings. Canon EOS 400D hand held

Click to See Orignal
Click to See Orignal 10mp file
Click image to see orignal 10MP file
Click image to see orignal 10MP file