Thursday, December 11, 2008

Human Rights ?

International media covering the protest
Barbera Plett BBC image © Awais Yaqub

I was returning from my university in early 2007 and saw a small crowd guarded by police. It seemed like a protest what a unique protest it was far more quiet then ordinary political party protest with no shattered windows or broken street lights, bunch of kids holding charts and old women of young and old age looking so hopeless, they seemed to look like ordinary Pakistani women who were confused to face the media(cameras) they hardly know what to say and how to deliver the message.

These folks were protesting against kidnapping of their loved ones by government agencies ruled by Musharraf the dictator who destroyed democratic system of Pakistan. Since 2005 there is no clue of kidnapped people there is no trial in a court they have just disappeared, no one knows where they are dead or alive. Read about them at Wikipedia

I am not political, i don't support killing of innocent people regardless of color cast or creed. I hope those people were arrested rather kidnapped if they were guilty. Some people were kidnapped for personal differences such as property. I wonder when People of Pakistan will be more powerful then their corrupt leaders. I still wonder if USA's best friend has done anything good for his country men. Where are the human rights now ? i still wonder when people and countries who chant about human rights will stop abusing them

I had to say all that after watching the TV show about missing people

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